Why think about the Next Generation:

The past few years banks, and the economy in general, have had a rough time. The financial crisis caused a demise of existing business approaches by banks and other financial institutions. Meanwhile, several social and technological trends which were already latently present in society gained momentum in their development. This situation challenges banking institutions to rethink their position. A ‘Next Generation Bank’ is needed.

What’s in it for you:

You will be challenged to develop a vision and share it with a stimulating group of people. There will be a high level of interaction, so expect the seminars to be fun! Also, you will be able to network with a new group of interesting and inspiring people. And last but not least, you may (co)design the future of banking according to your ideas, vision and aspirations.

What will be the outcome:

The input of the participants of the four seminars combined will lead to a manifesto which will line out ideas, suggestions and conclusions concerning the Next Generation Bank. Those actively involved in the drawing up will have the opportunity of being included in the list of authors. The manifesto will be published in book form and presented to ABN AMRO’s Board of Directors. Participants will receive a copy and certificate of ‘enrolment’.

Who will be there:

The participants to Next Generation Bank represent a wide range of backgrounds: scientists, politicians, cultural creatives, entrepreneurs and intellectuals. Participants will be invited based on their motivation.