Seminar 1 Technology and Knowledge October 4, 2010
Speakers Bas Haring Philosopher
Arko van Brakel Serial entrepreneur
Peter Frans Pauwels Cofounder TomTom
Marcel Van Galen Entrepreneur in virtual identification
Seminar 2 Society and Individual November 1, 2010
Speakers Medy van der Laan CEO Chamber of Commerce East Netherlands, former Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Science
Roland van der Vorst Writer, brand specialist, entrepreneur and scientist
Giuseppe van der Helm Director of VBDO – Association of Investors for Sustainable Development
Adjiedj Bakas Trendwatcher
Ton Plekkenpol Trendwatcher
Seminar 3 Organization and Leadership December 6, 2010
Speakers Annemieke Roobeek Professor of Strategy and Transformation Management at Nyenrode University, founder and owner of MeetingMoreMinds, non-executive director Supervisory Board ABN AMRO
Dany Jacobs Professor of Industrial Dynamics and Innovation Policy at University of Amsterdam and professor of Art, Culture and Economy at ArtEZ and HAN in Arnhem
Josephine Green Senior Director of Trends and Strategy at Philips Design, responsible for research into Society, Cultures and People; initiator of the Strategic Futures Program
Leen Zevenbergen Serial entrepreneur and writer of management books
Berry Veldhoen Consultant, Director of Altuïtion
Seminar 4 Synthesis: Next Generation Bank January 10, 2011
Speakers Paul Iske Chief Dialogues Officer, Professor of Open Innovation and Business Venturing at Maastricht University
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